T-Mobile’s 5G Accelerator Underway

T-Mobile, Enabling Digital Innovation

We, at the newly dubbed T-Mobile Accelerator, are  thrilled to support the next generation of startups that are taking 5G advancements and turning them into transformational products and services to be experienced from living rooms to the executive suites of multinational corporations. The six members of our 2020 startup class are at the forefront of technology trends  that will touch individuals and companies alike. Stay tuned for more news about how our startups are creating virtual experiences, autonomous economies, and smart living!

The T-Mobile 2020 startup class welcomed: 

  • Aware Vehicles (Kansas City, MO). Developing autonomous mobile UAV platforms, cognitive remote sensing and advanced imaging, artificial intelligence for situational awareness, and solutions for asset inspection, precision agriculture, emergency response, defense, and communications. (https://www.awarevehicles.com)
  • Homebase (Kansas City, MO). Automated apartment management solution for improved resident engagement and increased revenue for owners. (https://homebase.ai)
  • ORBI Prime (Santa Clara, Calif.). Live streaming NFL games from the players’ perspective. ORBI’s 360° 8K 60fps helmets for American Football + real-time video processing AI offer unprecedented console game-like action captured from the players’ perspective for mesmerizing engagement of fans of all ages. (https://orbiprime.com)
  • Seerslab (Palo Alto, Calif.). Media technology company focusing on Vision AI and mobile AR – offering the ARGear platform for developers. (https://www.argear.io/)
  • Unmanned Life (London, UK). The world’s leading multi-award winning 5G AI for Autonomy company that has pioneered the ground-breaking concept of ‘Autonomy-as-a-Service’, deploying commercial-grade autonomous intelligent connected and integrated teams of different types of drones and robots working together collaboratively for Industry 4.0 and Smart Cities. (https://unmanned.life)
  • Zoi Meet (Rotterdam, Netherlands). An award-winning (B2B) SaaS solution that uses Artificial Intelligence to turn Enterprise Communication into conversational insights to help business professionals save time while increasing productivity. (https://www.zoimeet.com)

See the full announcement here and follow along on our blog to get more updates on the 2020 cohort.