Pivots, Planning, Prophets (and Profits)

T-Mobile Accelerator Startups Adapting

Our T-Mobile Accelerator startup founders are making tremendous adaptations in this black swan moment. Today we’re highlighting pivots, planning, and prophets from Zoi Meet, Homebase and  Unmanned Life

Capacity planning isn’t known for inspiring creative juices, but that’s exactly what Zoi Meet’s founding team needs as they work to meet customer demand in the era of skyrocketing Zoom, Skype, Webex and Google Hangouts use.

Zoi Meet, the Plug and Play Japan EXPO winner, has doubled down on their winning technology platform focused on speech-to-text that allows for capturing, analyzing and sharing meetings.  Led by founders Kevin Oranje and Nick Yap, ZoiMeet has seen unprecedented demand for their software that has grown with the rise in digital meetings. Managing demands for new features, new pilots, and a growing sales funnel is the best kind of challenge to have for a hungry founder as they begin the T-Mobile Accelerator.

Today, under the most unfortunate of circumstances, Homebase CEO Blake Miller has the prophetic moment every founder aspires to and every VC hunts.    

Homebase is a system and platform that connects IoT smart devices in a building so they can be remotely coordinated. Homebase has always had a strong value proposition and a clear market in remote landlords, scaled up property managers, and luxury apartment buildings, but today their market share is quickly growing to include the covid cautious that prefer a digital buffer to renters. Saving tenets from needing face-to-face checkin and waiting for the wifi installation van has gone from a space age convenience to a matter of safety.

A year ago it would be wild to think that a landlord renting the other half of their duplex would want a system enabling them to never have to enter the apartment ten feet away. Now, that’s just common sense. 

Every founder knows a pivot from their first idea is not only possible, but likely. Sometimes those pivots are sparked by inspiration and sometimes necessity. Pivots require founders to see new technology, new applications and new markets. The pandemic has forced countless startup founders to pivot as the world moves virtual, supply chains are rebuilt, and contactless service becomes the new norm. 

Unmanned Life CEO Kumardev Chatterjee has been a key player in pioneering the ‘autonomy as a service’ industry.  Now, he and his team are having to swiftly recalibrate his company to meet new industries and markets clamoring for automation as described in a recent interview captured by Forbes. Coordinating often ungainly robots into “a ballet of action, much like human workers now perform” is a difficult task in the best of times. Becoming a next generation Tchaikovsky orchestrating everyday consumers and robots instead of precisely engineered warehouse demands will take all of Chatterjee’s skills. 

These stories illustrate the creativity, drive, and foresight that are so critical to startup success. We at the T-Mobile Accelerator are thrilled to support and highlight our founders’ tenacity and adaptability.