Author: Zack MacFarland

Pivots, Planning, Prophets (and Profits)

T-Mobile Accelerator Startups Adapting Our T-Mobile Accelerator startup founders are making tremendous adaptations in this black swan moment. Today we’re highlighting pivots, planning, and prophets from Zoi Meet, Homebase and  Unmanned Life.  Capacity planning isn’t known for inspiring creative juices, but that’s exactly what Zoi Meet’s founding team needs as they work to meet customer […]

T-Mobile’s 5G Accelerator Underway

T-Mobile, Enabling Digital Innovation We, at the newly dubbed T-Mobile Accelerator, are  thrilled to support the next generation of startups that are taking 5G advancements and turning them into transformational products and services to be experienced from living rooms to the executive suites of multinational corporations. The six members of our 2020 startup class are […]